The Women's Empowerment Project

empowering African women and girls to be confident, independent and skilled

UK Projects

Community Empowerment Training

Starting February 2012  – Community Empowerment Training  Revised Community Empowerment Training Flyer    application form

African Women’s Leadership Enhancement

The Women’s Empowerment Project is committed to providing opportunities to African women in the UK and in Africa to enhance their leadership skills.  To support this objective, TWEP is organizing a residential training for UK based African women.

The five day training course is being subsidized through funding from the National Lottery and will benefit up to 25 women between the ages of  25 – 40 in senior positions in women’s charities, mixed charities, businesses or social enterprises.

The objectives of the training are:

  • develop the leadership potential of African women between the ages of 25 and 40
  • provide leadership training for women in leadership positions in women’s charities, mixed charities, businesses or social enterprises
  • empower African women with self-development and sector focussed training
  • create an opportunity for African women to meet, build relationships for personal and professional support
  • create opportunities for mentoring and knowledge and skill sharing
  • to enable better connection concerning the global women’s issues and those concerning women universally

Further details of the course will be published soon.


Make a Move Project

This project aims to create opportunities for women to participate in physical activities such as swimming, cycling and walking. The project is funded across two boroughs – Sutton and Wandsworth. Through a more active lifestyle, participants have increased their confidence, expanded their social networks and improved their fitness levels. The project has targeted women with long term conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension and high Cholesterol where a more active lifestyle has been advised by a health professional.

The WISE ( women in sustainable enterprise ) Project
Our employability project seeks to train women in two specific areas – catering and childcare and provide business training to them. This year, we are providing Childcare Level 1 and Everyday cookery along with food and Hygeine certification. We are mainly targeting unemployed women although we do encourage other women to apply. Class times are varied so that we can accommodate as many people as possible.

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