The Women's Empowerment Project

empowering African women and girls to be confident, independent and skilled

Overseas Projects

Sponsor a Girl Child

The Women’s Empowerment Project  currently provides sponsorship to school aged girls in  Ghana, Togo and Liberia.

To date the organization  has sponsored 60 students to access formal education in these countries.

For more information on Sponsor a Girl Child

Shalom House

The Women’s Empowerment Project’s Shalom House is a development project designed to provide a refuge for sex workers in Ghana.

The project will target girls between the ages of 13-23 who are currently engaged in the trade. The project will offer counseling, vocational training and hope to beneficiaries who are looking for a way out of prostitution and an opportunity to acquire new skills.

Support programmes are expected to last nine months.


The aim of the micro-loan is to provide economic empowerment to African women with school age children.

Our small-scale interest free loans create a culture of independence and enable beneficiaries to support their families.  Beneficiaries undergo a selection process and receive business skills training in areas such as:

  • identifying a profitable business
  • identifying your competition and your unique selling point
  • calculating profit
  • budgeting
  • growing the business
  • business planning
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